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Get Smart[er]!

You're obviously pretty smart already (after all, you're investing the time to read this!). This brief article provides simple, tangible ways to learn new things every day -- and live your life with greater satisfaction and happiness.

Low Man on the Totem Pole? Let's Change That.

Career and job-search expert Martin Yate shares five daily commitments to help you gain attention, acceptance and influence with "higher-ups" -- so you can move higher up.

Pssst: Your Inner Voice is Talking to You

"Research that employer before the interview." "Save more money." "Just ask him (or her) out already!" Giving advice is easy. But when your inner voice speaks to you, why is it so hard to listen?

What Does "Be Professional" Really Mean?

You hear it all the time in career advice articles, but what does "being professional" look like in action? Leadership expert Kevin Eikenberry breaks it down.

You're Going to Wear That?!

Headed to an interview? Angling for a promotion? The fashion rules for today's modern office have changed. Here's how successful 9-to-5-ers dress to the nines.

Boost Your Happiness in 5 Seconds Flat

Stop sabotaging your happiness -- and start living a better life -- with this simple fix. 

The Top Six Ways to Stay Motivated

I receive many emails from people that basically ask the same question: How can I keep myself motivated long term? This seems to be quite a common dilemma for many people, so I want to address it--because it can be done!

Impressing Executives: Four ways to build credibility and influence

Building influence and credibility means not always having to say "Yes." Being too eager to please can be bad for your reputation--and your career.

6 Steps To Ensure That You Always Have A Job

You make your own luck. Your career is great when you focus on making it great. This means not waiting for things to happen; but making things happen instead. It means being proactive instead of reactive. Rather than blaming others for past mistakes, you are passionate about new possibilities. You are not afraid. Instead, you are excited about what you do, and what you contribute every day. And, if you are excited about your job, you will find that other people will be committed to having you stay on as a member of the team. So how do you make sure you are never without a job?

Brand Yourself: Create a personal brand to position yourself for success

Much like corporate and product branding, a personal branding statement sums up your unique selling proposition (USP)--the unique benefit or value you offer a potential employer. Your branding statement sets you apart from your competitors and provides a compelling reason to hire you.
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